Juvenile Justice

The Children (Criminal Proceedings) Act 1987 contains rules about the criminal justice system for children and young people. It allows the Children’s Court to deal with criminal offences where the defendant was under 18 years of age at the time of the alleged offence.

The Children’s Court also deals with traffic offences where the defendant is not old enough to hold a driver’s licence or permit, or where the Children’s Court is dealing with other related criminal offences.

At Barclay Churchill, we understand that dealing with the criminal justice system can be especially challenging for children. We aim to make sure that children, and their families, who are brought before the Court understand the allegations, proceedings and potential consequences.

The types of orders that the Children’s Court can impose when a child or young person is found guilty of an offence are:

  • dismissal with or without a caution
  • caution
  • fine
  • good behaviour bond
  • probation order
  • community services order
  • control order (which may be suspended) placing the child or young person in detention.

Our team of lawyers are equipped to ensure that a just outcome is achieved for your child and that they are dealt with fairly by the system

If your child is charged by police with an offence and requires legal assistance, do not hesitate in giving our offices a call.

Serious matters and appeals

Most cases will be finalised in the Children’s Court. However, some offences are considered to be more serious and therefore will be dealt with in another court. We can assist you in those proceedings.

If you have received an order of the Children’s Court, and are not satisfied with the order, ask us how we can help you appeal to the District Court.