Search Warrants

A search warrant authorises any executing officer of the warrant to enter your premises and search for things connected with the particular offence(s) specified by the warrant. It gives the officer power to search any person found on the premises whom is reasonably suspected of having a thing mentioned in the warrant.

If you are the occupier of the premises, you must be informed of entry as soon as reasonably practicable. However, a covert search warrant may be executed without your knowledge.

A person executing a valid search warrant may seize and detain a thing (or thing of a kind) mentioned in the warrant or any other thing that the person finds in the course of executing the warrant and that the person has reasonable grounds to believe is connected with any offence.

It is an offence to obstruct or hinder the execution of a warrant attracting a maximum penalty of a fine of $1,100, two years imprisonment, or both (NSW).

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