Our Costs

Barclay Churchill Costs

Most law firms bill their clients by calculating the time spent working on your matter and usually charge in increments of 6 minutes.

This method of billing leaves open the question of costs and makes it difficult for a client to know with any certainty what the costs in their matter are likely to be.

At Barclay Churchill, we understand that the question of costs in any litigation is of great concern to our clients and, unlike most other law firms, we assist our clients in managing their litigation costs by providing fixed costs for the work we do, as well as providing Counsel included in our fixed costs. This enables our clients to know with certainty exactly what their costs are going to be so that they can budget accordingly.

Under certain circumstances, we also provide an interest-free repayment plan to assist our clients pay off the costs they incur in their matter.

Please discuss any costs issues directly with Hugo Aston.

Initial Consultation

The fee for the initial consultation is waived on condition that we are engaged as legal representative. The condition fee is reimbursed at the conclusion of the matter.