Former Wife Confirms Charles Blackman Artworks are Fake

Genevieve de Couvreur, former wife of Charles Blackman, has confirmed that the two paintings recently sold as Charles Blackman paintings for $120,000 were not painted by the 84 year old artist.

“I saw Franki painting them,” Ms de Couvreur said. ”I saw those works in progress.”

Ms De Couvreur declares the Charles may have thought that he painted these, sadly he has been unwell for quite so

Ms de Couvreur accepts that her now 84-year-old former husband may have declared ”I painted that” during one of his two excursions to sign the paintings at the Deutscher and Hackett gallery in Sydney last year, as recounted by the auction house’s executive director, Damian Hackett.

”But look,” she said, ”Charles is sick. He doesn’t have his mental faculties, sadly.”

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